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Dear Muse,

Cardiff Keep
The words flow smoothly, like glass shards working their way through the scar tissue.

Archive of Our Own

I just started using the "Mark for later" feature on Archive of Our Own, but can't find the path to retrieve the marked stories. Can some kind soul tell me where to find the stories I marked to read later?


Anyone else?

I'm getting this message lately when trying to connect to either Twitter and Tumblr:

"Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections."

Anyone else, and do you know what it means? Going to try Chrome.

Highlander story, "No Child is Ever Mine"

Amanda, oops
I wrote a pinch hit story for hlh_shortcuts for morgynleri_fic
Much thanks to mackiedockie and ilferion for beta duty.  The characters are mainly Methos and Amanda.

Title:  "No Child is Ever Mine"
Rating: Gen
Summary:  Then and now.

No Child is Ever MineCollapse )

nice weekend

John and Sherlock
Wonderful weekend. Anita and I went to The Fifth Estate. I loved the timing and energy. Fortunately I’m enough of a geek that I understood what was going on — I think some of the reviewers haven’t a clue, and are rather behind the times, not just in the hacking aspect, but the way visual story telling is evolving. BC is such a good actor that you never actually see him, from frame one he’s the character, Ben’s gone.

Also watched Much Ado. Delightful, we laughed. Amy Archer was great. Josh, you done good. Though we both concur that she should never have forgiven Claudio.

We also watched Trainspotting. They all look so young, well they were of course…

Happy autumn.


John and Sherlock
Go read these new stories:

(Wonder why I can't successfully cross post from Dreamwidth lately.)

Harlene's account


Is now a memorial account.


I wish Harlene's LJ wasn't likely to be deleted soon.
I go over there and rattled around.
All Things Must Pass


Amanda, oops
Sorry to the folks in my ad Yahoo groups. Someone in Paraguay celebrated St Paddy's by hacking that account. Thank you mackiedockie for spotting it. I think I've changed all the passwords, finally. It took an hour. Computers are such time savers.


Been ages since, but really need to have that subject line on my journals, just 'cause, so here I ramble.

I love twitter, but have never spent any time following something in 'real time' until yesterday when violence hit a mall in Oregon. Still staggered. Unreal. Makes me feel other.

What makes me feel connected to the world and happy is watching Mackiedockie writing in google docs. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then explosion! Words cascading down, a deluge! Preformance art, if there ever was. I'm honored to be witness. Lucky me.

Oh, and there never was a more perfect grandchild than mine.

I will just leave out the crap and call that the state of absolutely on 12.12.12.